For over 20 years Blane Lyon has written, performed and produced soulful music.

Born a San Francisco native, to a radical political family, Lyon was influenced young by  a vast mix of different music , from the latin sounds of the mission to the soulfully psychedelic  funk of the 70’s and the birthing hip hop.  Lyon was given a harmonica by his mother when he graduated jr. high.   She died not long after and he started writing poetry at 13 as an antidote to the overwhelming sadness accompanying this personal tragedy.  Upon setting his words to music he stumbled into a lifelong passion and has continued to confront political and spiritual challenges with a trademark lyrical urgency.  He attended high school at School of the Performing arts in San Francisco.  After which he completed a degree in music and dance composition at University of Ca. at Santa Cruz.  Lyon then traveled and performed extensively (solo and with groups) in Europe, Thailand, Hawaii, and the Pacific Northwest with guitar and notepad close at hand.  Eventually returning to California he formed the popular funk collective Family Soul, which became a crowd packing mainstay of the Northwest club circuit throughout the late 90’s. Lyon was also the founder and singer for the punk/funk Sonoma County group, The Louies in the late 1980’s and the Santa Cruz based Brothers of Other in the early 90’s.

Blane is a prolific songwriter and music producer.  In 2003 he established B-Luv  Recording studios in northern California where he continues to write, record, and produce music for himself and other musical projects. Releasing his first solo album, “All People” in late 2005, Blane formed his present band The Real, which maintains Lyon’s conscious tune-smithing with a penchant for booty shaking grooves, and fat backed soul anthems.  Lyon also performs solo, both acoustic and electronic live sets.  The “All People”  cd released thru B-strong Records has experienced steady sales, and is available on iTunes, and many other digital downloading sites.  The new Album will be released summer 2012.  In 2009 Blane Lyon Productions was formed.  This company focused on writing and licensing theme songs for environmental and social causes as well as for film and commercial use.  Recently Lyon wrote the funky theme songs for the US Bicycle lobby safe routes to school program ,” Ride My Bike” and “I Want to Walk!”.  From 2010 to 2011 Blane Lyon productions created radio theme songs for The California Health departments First 5 program as well as multiple songs for a English public water conservation campaign.  In the winter of 2011 Blane Lyon Productions provided 40 minutes of music for the film Convincing Clooney.  Then it was back to the live arena as Lyon did a 2 month solo musical tour of  Costa Rica performing at the Envision festival and other tropical venues.  The summer of 2011 found Lyon performing 2 to 5 shows a week for 3 months in the mediterranean music isle of Ibiza Spain before returning to the US for a series of DJ sets at Burning Man.   Blane Lyon continues to do performances as he completes his new album. Lyon volunteers by performing and providing music for homeless youth programs in San Francisco and also performs musically in mental institutions thru the Bread and Roses Foundation.  In 2012 Blane Lyon began the music engineering program at the Pyramind Institute in San Francisco.


Blane Lyon’s voice, words and performance echo his deep history and commitment to soulful uplifting music.

photo by Rebecca Teague Jenkins